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What is Commercial cleaning and how does it differ from Domestic and Office cleaning?

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

It is mostly straight forward to distinguish the difference between a general house clean and business clean but where does office cleaning fit in and is it just the same as commercial cleaning?

The short answer is no and here is a three-part breakdown explaining each type of clean and how they differ from one another.

Domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaning is a contract solely for homes. If you are in rented accommodation, it will still be classed as domestic cleaning because it’s a service that you have hired such as having your dishwasher installed or windows cleaned.

Domestic cleaning can sometimes go beyond a general clean such as doing the laundry or washing the dishes. However, it is more common that domestic cleaners carry out tasks like, vacuuming, specialist carpet cleans, dusting and deep kitchen cleans.

However, if you’re a landlord who needs your rented properties cleaned regularly due to them being listed on sites such as Airbnb then this will count as commercial cleaning. This will all be explained within the next section.

Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning is an umbrella term for cleaning any kind of business premises: from any retail space, big or small to leisure facilities such as gyms and entertainment centres.

Commercial cleaners will often use more specialised equipment than general domestic cleaning. This could be anything from Dry-Fusion carpet cleaners to high powered Jet-washers for any external cleans required.

However, this specialized equipment can make commercial cleaning fall into another sub-category altogether called Specialized cleaning; this is depending on the type of premises being worked on.

An example of specialized cleaning premises would be listed buildings, medical centres, and factories. These types of premises require an array of different cleaning methods being used compared to standard commercial cleaning. This is because the surfaces worked on will require certain products and procedures to minimize damage and ensure the best protection and clean as possible.

Office cleaning

This is another type of specialist clean that is solely cleaning for offices; while it may sound simple at first, offices require a lot of additional steps to ensure no damage is done whilst cleaning.

Offices usually contain a lot of equipment that could easily be damaged whilst cleaning such as computers, printers, monitors and server rooms. Furthermore, if cleaning during office hours, extra care must be taken to protect any employees of the company from any chemicals or cleaning methods being used. This could be cords from any cleaning equipment or chemicals when disinfecting a certain area.

All these elements combined makes office cleaning a challenging environment to work in without causing any major disruption. Offices generally have a lot of foot traffic so commercial carpet cleaning would most likely be one of the main tasks undertaken. As mentioned previously disruption should be kept to a minimum so tasks like this would often be undertaken before or after office hours.


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