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What are the risks of not cleaning your oven?

During the festive season and the everyday meals you prepare, your oven can take a beating in terms of cleanliness. Grease, fat and food particles can build up over time creating a risk not only to your health but to your property.

The time left by us Brits between cleaning our ovens is over one and a half years. Furthermore our ovens are used approximately 547 times before they are cleaned and 58% of us wait until our oven looks visibly dirty before cleaning it.

It is recommended that you deep clean your oven at least once every three months and regularly wipe down your oven door and trays weekly depending on usage. If your oven has a self cleaning function it is advised that you read the manufacturers instructions as it can vary from model to model.

So what could go wrong if you put your oven cleaning off or just don't bother?

Your Kitchen Is Likely To Get Very Smoky

The tell tale sign of excess grease in your oven is smoke. Over time grease builds up in your oven, caused by fats and oils from food when it is being cooked. Smoke that is caused by grease has a distinct odour and appearance. Unlike steam the toxic smoke is darker in colour and has a distinct burnt smell. Inhaling this smoke in the long run could potentially affect your health so it is imperative that you take action as soon as you notice the warning signs.

It's A Fire Hazard

The grease can do much more than just produce hazardous smoke it can start fires. Because the grease, oils and fats are flammable they can easily catch fire. Even though it is rare, house fires can occur due to unclean ovens. The bigger the build-up of grease the higher the chance of a fire breaking out.

Your Food Might Not Taste Right

If you suddenly notice the food that you cook in your oven has been tasting unpleasant then your ovens cleanliness could be to blame. The fumes generated when using a dirty oven can penatrate the foods surface leaving it with a bitter taste. Don't worry it won't kill you but it is certainly an indication that your oven needs a deep clean.

Could Cause Damage To Your Oven

Are you finding that your oven is cooking unevenly or it's not getting up to temperature? Then your dirty oven could be the culprit. Electric ovens are especially prone to performance issues due to the build up of grease and grime. This is because the dirt can cover the heating elements making them underperform. Either way its recommended that you check if your oven needs a clean first before replacing any parts.


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