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Five tips to help keep the office clean this winter

During the winter months the office environment is more prone to the build up of grime, dirt and bacteria due to the colder weather and other environmental factors. Therefore it is imperative that cleaning is kept on top of. Here are five tips to help keep the office clean and minimise the spread of any viruses or other bacteria.

Tip #1 - Office Environment

The office contains whole host of regularly touched areas and pheriphirals. Is it important that you wipe these surfaces down daily.

These are areas such as:

  • Printers and Copiers

  • Door Handles

  • Appliances such as kettles

  • Vending Machines

  • Water Coolers

  • Coffee Machines

  • Window Handles

  • Intercoms

  • Lift Buttons

  • Bin Lids

  • Light Switches

  • Communal Seating

  • Canteen Surfaces and Furniture

Wipe these surfaces down at least twice a day using a good household detergent. Any regular household detergent will do if it contains at least 70% ethanol. Anything below 70% will not effectively kill germs and bacteria. When cleaning electrical items spray a small amount of detergent onto a microfibre cloth and apply lightly.

Tip #2 - Entrance/Floors

In the winter months salt is often used outside to minimise the risk of anyone slipping. Unfortunately salt is bad news for floors. Salt being tracked in by employees or clients can damage not only hard-floors but it can stain carpet too. When water is mixed with the calcium chloride and magnesium in salt, it can dry up on the carpet and when this happens stains gradually begin to build up. Vacuuming won't be enough to get rid of the stains, instead a deeper carpet clean is needed.

Barton Direct offers Dry-Fusion carpet cleaning. Dry-Fusion carpet cleaning is the only cleaning method that completely deodorises, stain protects and heat dries all carpets.

Salt, grit and dirt can also cause hard-floors to wear down faster. If the floor is composed of stone or masonry, pitting could occur over time, furthermore wood floor will be scratched. It is vital that hard floors are mopped and cleaned daily to prevent any long lasting and potentially costly damage.

Tip #3 - Windows

Windows are regularly overlooked when cleaning an office at winter due to to the adverse weather conditions. However it is vital to keep on top of window cleaning during the winter season as doing so can help prevent the build up of mould, mildew and water staining. Furthermore cleaner windows means more light which in turn will help keep the office bright and airy.

Tip #4 - Air Quality

The air in your office can have up to five times more pollution that outside air. This is due to factors such as white goods, poor ventilation, computers and much more.Unsanitary air in the office can assist the spread of viruses and germs. It is vital that all ventilation ducts are cleaned and some windows open slightly to bring in a fresh air flow.

Tip #5 - Get A Professional In

Here at Barton Direct we specialise in office cleaning, we do a full deep clean throughout the premises. A deep clean is the most intense cleaning service that we provide. It covers every area and corner of the whole office. It includes any kitchen space, inside windows/window sills, inside/outside of kitchen cupboards, skirting boards, polish/sanitise of all the surfaces and a full mop/hoover of the floors. We cover most of the Northwest including Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire. You can get a quote by calling 0330 333 5671, emailing or use the live chat below.

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